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Device, Appliance, Set for Cooking in Vacuum, Sous-Vide Systems, SousVide Cooker

SOUS-VIDE SYSTEM, vacuum cooker, Cooking in vacuum

  • Sous vide is a method of cooking food, sealed in plastic vacuum bags, in a water bath at precisely controlled temperatures in order to provide consistently high quality results.
  • Big advantage of the sous vide oven is that because of the high precision thermostat (0.5°C), food can be effortlessly prepared perfectly. If you make steaks in the sous vide oven medium rare, the steak will be medium rare throughout from edge to edge. No guesswork or critical timing. Your steak will be perfectly cooked if you set the time and temperature correctly, while no attention is required during operation.
  • Because the products are cooked vacuum sealed, you prevent the loss of flavour and nutrition, keeping the food flavourful, tender and moist. Some long duration settings even allow significant improvement in tenderness while keeping flavor.
  • The sous vide oven saves you time. You can prepare the food before peak times. If the sous vide settings are correct, no attention is required during operation. Effortless cooking.
  • The sous vide saves you money. The food will shrink less, thus retain more moisture. As pasturiatsation of food is possible, properly sous vide prepared food can be safely kept for up to 3 weeks longer than conventionally cooked food.
  • The sous vide oven saves you work. You can add marinade/herbs directly to the food before cooking.
  • Culinary system in which food is vacuum-sealed into plastic bags and cooked at a precisely controlled temperature;
  • Ideal for à la carte restaurants;
  • Exceptionally suitable for preparation outside peak times;
  • Consistently high quality results;
  • High precision thermostat adjustable (0,1°C) from 45° to 95°C;
  • Housing made entirely of chrome steel;
  • Supplied with stainless steel spacer with 6 compartments and lid;
  • Can be sealed air- and watertight due to the lid with silicone rim;
  • Dimensions: 600 x 330 x (H)300 mm;
  • Power: 220-230 V, 600 W;
  • Capacity (liter): 20;
  • HoReCa professional product, imported from Netherlands;
  • We offer warranty and provide service in the country, for all our products;

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Device for Cooking in Vacuum - code: 225448 - Price: 3100 RON 2255 RON (VAT included)